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Dear Friends,

My name is Michael Dunlop and i began building Retire at 21 in December 2006. Entrepreneurship has always interested me and been a big part of my life. I remember being out on the patio at just 6 years old, the adults were asking what would you like to do when your older and unlike my brother who said he wanted to be a mum, i said i wanted to own tesco’s! I remember when i started making a few bucks at school, at 10 years old the playing cards had hit the school play grounds so i decided to start investing my pocket money into packs of 10, random selection so you could find a few good ones. Id sell them and generate $200.00 profit a week! At 12 years old the school sweet shop closed down and so i decided to open up shop from my locker, i realised i wasnt the only entrepreneur in the school, i decided to sell in bulk to individules who wanted to create there own sweet shop, here i realised i could make money doing nearly nothing. At 14 i started selling vertial gaming money online for up woulds of $5000.00! At 15 i decided to invest in Live Strong Merchandise, it took 4 months to arrive and by then the craise had nearly ended. At 16 a family friend offered me the chance to open up a gap years company in conjunction with Projects-Abroad. At 17 i came online with my first major website although had websites from the age of 14. At 18 i had launched Retire at 21 and am enjoying myself.

So many people have great ideas but have no idea how to put them into place, the Retire at 21 project will show you how!

When history is written it seems almost certain that from a business point of view, the first decade of the 21st Century will be remembered best as the Era of The Young Entrepreneur

Think Chad Hurley and Steven Chen of YouTube
Michael Dunlop

Think Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google

Think Multimillionaires and even Billionaires at very young ages

And it seems these Young Entrepreneurs are getting even younger. So invest in your future, sign up now!

Wishing you great success,

Michael Dunlop

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