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7 Ways To Increase your blogs Traffic

Here’s a list of my 7 favorite ways to increase your blog’s traffic:

News Letter

When anyone signs up for your news letter you will be able to email them about promotional offers and website updates. When ever you add a new blog post to your blog, your news letter subscribers will be emailed to let them know about the latest updates. So if your blogging every day, you will have all your subscribers notified about your latest posts.

I recommend either to use Aweber or Feedburner for this, Feedburner doesn’t allow you to capture emails but Feedburner is free.

Blog Rush

Blogrush is one of the most innovative new ways to get traffic to your blog for FREE! Most options for getting traffic to your blog are Really Expensive or take a lot of your time. Well there’s now a another option, BlogRush is by far the cheapest and fastest way to get exposure for your blog.

Here’s how it works:

You will add a BlogRush Widget to your blog, you will then have your posts automatically promoted on related blog’s across the internet. Every time your page loads it will show the blogrush widget, it will contain 5 blog titles. When any page on your website gets loaded, you earned the right to get your blog post titles viewed on someone else’s related blog. So if your website is viewed 100 times in one day, Blogrush will show one of your Blog Titles on related blog’s Blogrush Widget 100 times that sane day

Get Blog Rush Now…

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites allow web surfers to save, catalog and share web pages they find online. The most popular social bookmarking website’s have millions of visitors going to there website’s every day to find out the latest and craziest news around. Users will vote your website up or down whether they like it or not. It doesn’t matter if your blog post is about “how you can loose 10 stone by..” or “Apply Announces iPhone” it is well worth the potential 1000’s of visitors it could bring you!

a set of icons at the bottom of a post that allow you to quickly bookmark the current page at a number of social bookmarking sites (Digg,, blink, furl, etc.). You can see this plugin in action on my blog.

To download this plugin click here…

Blog Reviews

Blog reviews can bring a website massive amounts of targeted traffic, depending on the website that reviews you. Receive valuable feedback, buzz, traffic, and links back to your website!

Reviewme allows you to Browse there Marketplace of the top blog’s on the Internet. Purchase a review of your blog or service directly from a related blog.

Invite Blog Posters

Blog posters offer a great chance to get alot of new content for free. If you can get someone well known in your niche to do a featured blog post you could gain alot of publicity and would give you a great chance to improve all the above.

Comment on Related Blog’s

Give helpful feedback on related blog’s and leave your website url at the end of it. If people are seeing you offer something new they will appreciate it and will have a look at your website and leave a comment back.

Search Engine Optimization

When blogging keep in mind what people will be searching for, blog about something people will be searching for in a couple weeks time like “Who wins the Apprentice 2007”.

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