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How to sell an Expensive Product Online

Yesterday i was having a conversation with a friend who owned a gap years company and i was saying how i can sell my products for $100.00 all day long on the internet using my techniques, he said to me “But Michael my products are not $100.00 there $4000.00, surely this can not work for me”.

And i replied, yes it can…

Promoting your Website

Pay Per Click – Paying per click is great with high price tag products as long as you know how to write your advert. Make sure to include your massive price in the advert so only people who can afford to pay that price will click the advert. For pay per click i use Google Adwords.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs allow you to get a lot of traffic and you only pay for the visitors who buy your product. Affiliate programs work so, you give your affiliate a referral url which they link to on there website. This url has a tracking id in it so you know every time someone buys a product from that url. Imagine if you have 1000 affiliates (i know many people with 10x that amount), and they all sell your $3000 product once a month, that’s $3,000,000 extra revenue (deduct there 15% commission fee) you would of never had.

Making the Sale

Success Story’s and Testimonials

Like i always say, nothing sells better than a customer selling a customer, “This Product Changed my Life”!

  • Have testimonials all the way down your sales pages
  • Include names and pictures to let your visitors know there real people and real testimonials
  • Try get your customers to make video or audio testimonials, send them a Microphone or a Web camera to make the testimonial, its worth it!

Here’s a testimonial i did recently for

See how i include a personal touch in my writing, my name, website and picture, wow this stuff sells!!

Making the Value look Massive and the Price look tiny:

  • A $1999.99 fee for a month trip to Costa Rica may sound like alot of money, but having all expenses payed trip for two month’s for $33.00, you couldn’t even get a night in a hotel for that price let alone breakfast, lunch, dinner, bus journeys, air flights, somewhere to stay and a chance to change your life!
  • Show the value of everything they get – Flights $999.99, Food $599.99, Travel, $406.99, Somewhere to stay $1299.99, Free Ebook how to keep safe in Costa Rico $39.99 and a chance to change your life, priceless.
  • Pay in monthly installments.

Showing your a safe website to use:

If your website is 100% Safe Shopping, show your visitors that.

Show your visitors there safe:

Hacker Proof, no one will steal your credit card details.

Improve your Order Page:

  • Fast Booking Options – No one likes to spend a hour to join a course or go on a trip abroad.
  • Up sell with related products, travel products for my friends gap years website.
  • Extra week on your Gap Year $139.99, Exclusive Price!
  • Get 5 friends to go on a gap year and your go for FREE!
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5 Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate on a Sales Page

A good friend of mine is getting a whole load of visitors to his landing page but there just not converting, here’s the 5 tips i gave him.

1. If you got it, flaunt it – If you are making $100’s a day and its so easy then lets see some screen shots!

2. Testimonials – If you have testimonials on your website, you want to put a picture up with the testimonial, there full name, email address and website url. Even ask your customer to create a video or audio clip reviewing your product. This stuff sells! Anyone can protend Tom Jones wrote a testimonial for your website, back your testimonials up.
Example of a Good Testimonial:

Testimonial – from $40 a month to making well over $50,000 a month!

This Ebook instantly changed my life, before reading this, i was going from pay cheque to pay. Now i drive a ferrari and have made more money in the last year than my whole family has in there life!

If you don’t buy this ebook your going to miss out on a whole new life style! This ebook was worth way more than $27.99, heck if i knew it had all this great info id of payed $2,799!

Michael Dunlop

3. Before and after – Show how your bank account has changed, how your business has changed and more important, how your life has changed! “Look at what my get fit program can do”.


4. FREEBIES – It doesn’t matter if its a 1 page report, people love free stuff!

5. Capture there email address – if they don’t buy today, send them a email a few days later telling them your give them 10% off if they buy now!

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How to Make Money with Google Adsense

What Adsense Can Do For You AdSense automatically crawls the content of your pages and delivers ads (you can choose both text or image ads) that are relevant to your audience and your site content—ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful.

Google Adsense is easy and quick to setup and will be accepted on almost every website, even the website is a day old, there for it is one of the quickest ways to monetize your website. Once you have been accept, you can put adverts instantly on your website and they will be related to your website. Below is a screen shot of adsense on a page about making money online, look at how targeted the adverts are.

You can add Adsense to as many websites as you like, Google Adsense will show you how many times your advert has been seen, how much clicks, the rate of click through and earnings so far. Here is a screen shot from my adsense today:

Creating your Adsense

Sign in to your adsense account and click Adsense Setup at the top of the page, on the next page click adsense for content.

You will now find your self on the Adsense for Content Wizard Page, here you will have colour and appearance options. When you receive your adsense code you are not allowed to alter it at all or you could find yourself banned. Adsense are always coming up with better and new ways to make your ad appear better on your website. You will see on the left side of the wizard a example of what your advert will look like. When complete with the wizard click continue you will now be able to receive your Adsense code. Make sure to blend your adsense in with your website theme, don’t use colour’s that wont match.

Copy and paste the code into your website where you would like your advert to appear. Upload and with in a few minutes you will be seeing adverts which are relevant to your website.

Once you have create your Google Adsense make sure to test it, change the colour’s and ad units size to see what works best for your website. What works well for one website doesn’t always work well for another website. Your target audience has alot to do with how you should make your adverts look and d where you should position them. For example, i have a gaming website, gamers love image adverts, the bigger the better, but when i put adverts on my cooking website, they like small adverts which blend in with the website.

Google Adsense Money Making Options

Adsense for Content – automatically crawls the content of your pages and delivers ads (you
can choose both text or image ads) that are relevant to your audience
and your site content—ads so well-matched, in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful.

Adsense for Search – allows website publishers to provide Google web and site search to
their visitors, and to earn money by displaying Google ads on the
search results pages.

Referrals – Google Referrals allow you to choose specific products or groups of
products to advertise on your site, allowing you to match ads to your
content. Choose up to 15 products or specific ads to rotate in the referral unit. You can also choose categories and keywords to ensure that you get newer ads as they become available.

Tip: Review the product your Referring

What works well with Adsense

When creating a site solely to create revenue from Google Adsense, you want to pick high paying key terms. By choosing the right key terms you can earn more than 3x the amount you are currently. I use a some software called Keyword Country, there software lets you search between 6.5 Million High paying keywords, Traffic Building Keywords, High CTR Keywords and Thousands of Niche keywords from 600,000 markets Online! At the moment there isn’t any software on the market that will come anywhere as close as this. I highly recommend signing up for it now!

From Using Keyword Country i have found that the term “Kitchen Supplier” is a high paying Niche keyword. From that i created, below you will see a screen shot of this website. When a visitor comes to your website they will look from top to bottom, the first 3 main things you will see on my website, is my logo, a Adsense block and a adsense text link block. All the adsense shown’s links my visitors want to find and give them no choice but to click them for more, this morning i had 5 visitors to my site, every one of them clicked a advert making me a little more than $5! A Dollar a person is great, if you have 100 people a day i can make $100, now imagine if you create 100 sites (which is very easy to do and can be done for a very low cost, il show you how below) that’s $10,000 a day!!

Above i was telling you how you get 100 adsense websites create almost instantly for a very low price, you can achieve this by visiting a great company called which will provide you with a website optimized with PPC Google Adsense. Every website contains over 500 web pages all containing your Adsense Code (Or Yahoo). All that for as low as $9.95 per website!

I want to have 100 websites making me $100.00 a day, get started by visiting there website…

Below is a example of a website created by



Increasing your Click Through Rate

Image Ads Don’t Work, I have tried them on all my websites and never got the click through that text ads give me.

Put a image near your Google Adsense as visitors will tend to look at them.

Increase Traffic will increase clicks and we all know what increase clicks mean!

Keep your website specific to one thing, if your website is about 100 different things, it will show adverts for 100 different things and will stop you from earning so much.

Place your advert above the fold (don’t make your visitors scroll to see the adverts).

What not to do with Adsense

Click Your Own Advert

Ask Others to Click your Advert

Mislead visitors into clicking your advert

Note: Google will not hesitate in banning you if you are breaking the rules, don’t do it!

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How to make your advertising page Convert!

1. Bost to your advertisers what you can offer them:

Show of your website sites, take a screen shot a put it up there! This will convert like crazy if you got some crazy amount of traffic.

2. Tell your advertiser what you can offer them:

  • Huge amounts of targeted traffic
  • A rocket boost in the Search Engine rankings
  • An increase in Google Pagerank
  • Brand perception boosts
  • Increased monthly sales and profits
  • Advertising methods that actually work
  • Advertising packages that actually work
  • A partnership with a leading webmaster website
  • The secrets of “The Big Dog” (top secret)

3. Let your advertisers sell your advertisers

Get your current advertisers to write testimonials for your advertise page, include names, pictures and websites if possible.

4. Tell them what they wont be getting

  • You wont be on rotation with 100 other advertisers
  • Your advert wont be seen on only some pages
  • You advert is important to us
  • Once you given us your money we wont forget you
  • No Refunds

5. Give Aways and Clear OutSales

  • Any Reason for a Sale – Need to pay my Speeding Fine Sale
  • If they want to buy a years advertising give them 4 months free
  • If there advert doesnt convert, give them more time, after all if it doesnt work for them then they wont carry on advertising.
  • If there buying the banner adverts, give them some text adverts for free.
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