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How to get on Digg Homepage

How to get on Digg Homepage

Yesterday I added a Interview from Retire at 21 to Digg, it was about the kid prodigy Carl Ocab with his money making blog!

How to get on Digg HomePage

1. Plan your digg. I luckily had the number 1 Buzz Marketer at my disposal who came up with a cracking title which every Digg user had to click! “mommy, can i cash my Google checks now?”. You will not get to the front page of Digg with a bad title!

2. Submit your article and link to the digg from your article page.

3. Email your mailing list, tell all your friends and promote your story on related forums. This will not work if you have a bad story, no one wants to read a article on how to make money with Google Adsense any more.

4. Depending on what time of day it is the more Digg’s you will need, you have typically 12 – 24 hours to get enough Digg’s to get homepage. In the morning you will need around 30 Digg’s to hit homepage, in the afternoon you will need around 50 and in the evening you will need as many as 100.

So you will have plenty of time to get enough Digg’s, if you start in the evening when most people are on and get your first 40 Digg’s, when you get up in the morning you should not need many more Digg’s to get on the front page!

To see how many Digg’s you will need to get on the homepage, view the almost page.

The Effects of getting on Digg Homepage

  • 100,000s of visitors
  • Your server will crash!
  • Not targeted traffic
  • Hard to make money from digg users!
  • 100s of back links from some related website’s
  • Search Engines rank you quickly and efficiently!

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3 comments so far to “How to get on Digg Homepage”
  1. Lachy says: 18th, October

    Heh, nice article, what are those times in anyway? GMT etc?


  2. Success AGAIN says: 18th, October

    […] How to get on the digg homepage¬† […]

  3. Michael says: 18th, October

    GMT morning most American’s are asleep so its not to hard to get on to front page, then they wake up and theres more competition.

    At 6pm GMT it will start getting more busy because people are back from work then when people in America get home from work there be even more people on and so it will be even harder to get on homepage.

    I recommend getting Digg homepage in the morning, less chance of something going wrong.

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