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How to sell an Expensive Product Online

Yesterday i was having a conversation with a friend who owned a gap years company and i was saying how i can sell my products for $100.00 all day long on the internet using my techniques, he said to me “But Michael my products are not $100.00 there $4000.00, surely this can not work for me”.

And i replied, yes it can…

Promoting your Website

Pay Per Click – Paying per click is great with high price tag products as long as you know how to write your advert. Make sure to include your massive price in the advert so only people who can afford to pay that price will click the advert. For pay per click i use Google Adwords.

Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs allow you to get a lot of traffic and you only pay for the visitors who buy your product. Affiliate programs work so, you give your affiliate a referral url which they link to on there website. This url has a tracking id in it so you know every time someone buys a product from that url. Imagine if you have 1000 affiliates (i know many people with 10x that amount), and they all sell your $3000 product once a month, that’s $3,000,000 extra revenue (deduct there 15% commission fee) you would of never had.

Making the Sale

Success Story’s and Testimonials

Like i always say, nothing sells better than a customer selling a customer, “This Product Changed my Life”!

  • Have testimonials all the way down your sales pages
  • Include names and pictures to let your visitors know there real people and real testimonials
  • Try get your customers to make video or audio testimonials, send them a Microphone or a Web camera to make the testimonial, its worth it!

Here’s a testimonial i did recently for

See how i include a personal touch in my writing, my name, website and picture, wow this stuff sells!!

Making the Value look Massive and the Price look tiny:

  • A $1999.99 fee for a month trip to Costa Rica may sound like alot of money, but having all expenses payed trip for two month’s for $33.00, you couldn’t even get a night in a hotel for that price let alone breakfast, lunch, dinner, bus journeys, air flights, somewhere to stay and a chance to change your life!
  • Show the value of everything they get – Flights $999.99, Food $599.99, Travel, $406.99, Somewhere to stay $1299.99, Free Ebook how to keep safe in Costa Rico $39.99 and a chance to change your life, priceless.
  • Pay in monthly installments.

Showing your a safe website to use:

If your website is 100% Safe Shopping, show your visitors that.

Show your visitors there safe:

Hacker Proof, no one will steal your credit card details.

Improve your Order Page:

  • Fast Booking Options – No one likes to spend a hour to join a course or go on a trip abroad.
  • Up sell with related products, travel products for my friends gap years website.
  • Extra week on your Gap Year $139.99, Exclusive Price!
  • Get 5 friends to go on a gap year and your go for FREE!
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