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John Cow is Hacked

What a great way to gain exposure in the last 12 hours, a whole load of websites have been writing about “John Cow is Hacked” and giving him a back link. Should do wonders for his SEO!

Good idea Cow, i donated a dollar for the difty idea!

Heres our back link – John Cow is Hacked

6 comments so far to “John Cow is Hacked”
  1. ProBlogReviews says: 11th, November

    that was a classic case of link bait, the cows have struck again.

  2. Get RSS Subscribers says: 11th, November

    I knew it was a farce all along! That ransom note was good anyway though.

  3. Klajdi Hena says: 11th, November

    WOW, that is really great way to get free traffic.

  4. Thomas Sinfield says: 18th, November

    This was one of the most creative link baiting exercises I have seen lately!

  5. Affiliate Blog says: 19th, January

    Good way to get plenty of links. I didn’t believe it, but nevertheless there are plenty of people that did and linked to the site as a consequence.

  6. Make Money Online | David Elefant says: 10th, February

    You only need one idea to create link bait to get hundreds of backlinks better than leaving a link in a blog’s comments and alot less work too.

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