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Why You Should Have an Affiate Program

Making Money With Affiliate Programs

I have asked some top websites how having a Affiliate Program effects there business

I asked Bob the founder of eXtremePixels who runs a successful affiliate program why he has a affiliate program and how has it impacted on his business.

Bob: I really think that the affiliate program helps a lot, anytime you can get extra exposure it is a good thing. I have a lot of affiliates that link to the main site and that drives extra traffic. Traffic is key!

Clicky is the only web analytic website that offers a affiliate program, why did you decide to do this and how has it improved your business?

Sean: Affiliate programs are a great way to get some cheap marketing, since you only have to pay the people who create results. Tons of people write articles about us or put our little Clicky “badge” icon on their page simply because we offer this program. Even if some of these links never result in any paid signups, they still drive a lot of traffic to our site and help to build our brand name.

Advantages of Offering an Affiliate Program

– It is FREE, you only pay per sale, so unlike more traditional methods of Pay Per Click or Pay Per Impression, which you can end up with no sales and out of pocket.

– In many cases, website owners want to offer recommended books, products or services, if you have an affiliate program they can be rewarded for it and that will make them want to suggest you as a recommended product.

– Helps builds a brand, even if the visitors the program don’t all result in a sale, it will help you build a brand!

– It is all automated! You don’t have to speak with anyone who is promoting your site through the affiliate program, unlike traditional advertisers.

– Affiliates compete to sell your product!

Recap: So let’s get this right, if you can get just 100 affiliates which is super easy! Each affiliate sends you just 50 visitors a month resulting in just 3 sales each! You will have earned an extra 300 sales each month, which is 3600 extra sales a year! Now think, if your product is £2000, 3600 more sales is going to make you super rich!

WAIT! So there going to compete to sell my product! Yes, that’s right! They will actually try to compete for advertising space on such sites as Google, Yahoo and Azoogle.

Step by Step Guide to Setting up a Affiliate Program

– Find a Affiliate Marketplace, my recommendations are Commission Junction, ClixGalore and Affiliate Shop.

– Once you have signed up for at least one of these marketplaces, affiliate marketers will be able to come along and view your product. Some sites such as Commission Junction show details on each product, how well it converts, how many visitors on average you have to send to make a sale and so on.

– Payday! Actually, you do not have to pay your affiliates, Commission Junction will do the payments for you.

It really is as simple as 1,2,3…

Once someone has decided to promote your product, they will do it in either three ways.

– Promote on there related Website

In fact 5 of the 7 people advertising on one of my websites is promoting a affiliate product. They know how many clicks they need to result in a sale so they can then work out if promoting there affiliate link on your site is worth it.

– Market it to there email list

In every industry there are websites and company’s who create a Email List. The power of the list is going to shock some of you. If you have a list of 10,000 emails from people who are interested in teaching abroad. They go and find your affiliate link and decide to promote it in a email they send out to there list. Let’s just say they make 250 sales! That will earn the list owner £25,000! One of those a week isn’t to bad …

– Use advertising to promote there URL

They will complete to sell your product on search engines, if you view the right side of Google “Sponsored Links” you will see 10 adverts, 8 are promoting the same product.

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  1. vBulletin Services says: 14th, November

    To make any affiliate product worth promoting you have to have two things first.

    1. A good product. Extreme Pixel skins, are good so there isn’t any problem there.

    2. A good payout rate. And their affiliate program offers that as well

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